Saturday, October 29, 2005

The Night Banquet Press Conference

Sina - October 29, 2005 ."Night Banquet" 's cast and crew had a press conference in Bejing.

- Teaser trailer and download in here
- The press conference Clips(click the number below the screen to watch the rest.)
- The press conference Pictures

Film's title

The cast & crew

According to Monkeypeach: Shooting of the "banquet" has officially begun inside an aircraft hangar north of Beijing city and choreographer Yuen Wo-Ping has worked on a polo scene at another location. Cinematographer LΓΌ Yue (Shanghai Triad, To Live) has join the crew to work cinematographer Zhang Li (Big Shot's Funeral, Red Cherry), who was on board since the principle shooting began. Several days ago, the set suddenly lost power when shooting of the banquet scene was under way. The lighting crew then turned off some lights and by the time the power was restored, lights from the remaining light sources beamed at several silk curtains, which created an unexpected effect. Director Feng Xiaogang immediately called every one back, several hundreds cast and crew members, to re-shoot the whole scene with the newly created effect.

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