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The Banquet (Ye Yan) - 2006

Director: Feng Xiaogang ("A World Without Thieves")
Cast: Zhang Ziyi, Zhou Xun, Daniel Wu, Ge You, Ma Jingwu, Huang Xiaoming
Music: Tan Dun ("Couching Tiger, Hidden Dragon", "Hero")
Cinematographer: Zhang Li ("A World Without Thieves")
Art Director: Tim Yip ("Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon")
Screenwriters: Chiu-Tai An-Ping , Sheng Heyu
Dance Choreographer: Wang Yuanyuan ("Raise the Red Lantern")
Executive Producer: Yuen Wo-Ping ("Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon")

Release: Expected in Summer 2006
Shooting Dates: September 2005 through February 2006
Shooting Locations: Beijing; Altay Mountains, Xinjiang; "Bamboo Sea", Zhejiang;
Production Company: Huayi Brothers & Taihe Film Investment Co. (HTF)
Budget: $20 million

Teaser Poster:


Inspired by William Shakespeare's Hamlet, the story of Ye Yan (The Night Banquet) is set in a chaotic era of China called Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms Period, according to Shanghai Youth Daily. In a falling empire, the Emperor, the Empress, the Crown Prince, the Princess, the Minister and the General all have their own quests for the ultimate power. The Empress set up a secret coalition with the Princess and the Minister in attempt to take the throne for the Crown Prince, but her real goal is to take the power for herself, and the Crown Prince wants to use the Empress' plan for his own quest for the throne. The conflicts finally erupt at a night banquet, at which the Empress starts executing her plan of killing the Emperor and the Crown Prince takes the opportunity to finish off his own enemies...

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