Thursday, October 06, 2005

April Rhapsody - 1999

Released in:1999
Director:Ding Yamin, Zeng Nianping
Zhou Xun as Huiyin
Huang Lei as Zhimo
Liu Ruoying as Youyi
Yi Nengjing as Xiaoman



The love story of Poet Xu Zhimo.

Upon his return from Cambridge in fall 1892, Zhimo publicized his Divorce Announcement, the first divorce of Old China. Zhimo was in 3 relationships during his short 36 years of life. He was interlocked with 3 diverse types of women. Together, they created Poet Xu Zhimo. At the same time, their fates altered because of him.

At the age of twenty, arranged by his parents, Zhimo married Youyi. Right after, he left for England to study literature. There, Zhimo met Huiyin, an elegant young lady with literary talents. She didn't want to interfere in his marriage, so she quickly returned to China with her father. Zhimo divorced against the feudal marriage system, but as he returned to woo Huiyin, he heard that she had accepted a marriage arranged by her family. It was a fatal hit for him. Even though Huiyin accepted her marriage, she couldn't forget Zhimo. Their love became the inspiration of Zhimo's poems. While he was suffering, a sociable lady, Xiaoman appeared...


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