Sunday, September 18, 2005

Zhou Xun parts with agent company

BEIJING, 15th August 2005 - With domestic media’s focus still on the dispute between actress Huang Shengyi and Steven Chow’s Star Overseas Co., Beijing Rosat Film & TV Production Co. recently made a surprising announcement that it would not renew the contract with Zhou Xun, who had been widely regarded No. 1 actress of the company.

“The 5-year contract with Zhou has finished and we decided not to extend it,” said Li Xiaowan, one of the founders of Rosat.

Zhou has starred in many movies and television series directed by Li Shaohong, co-founder of Rosat, including “Palace of Desire,” “April Rhapsody ,” “The Oranges Grow Red” and “Baober in Love.”

Domestic media speculated that the termination of the contract might be attributed to Rosat’s not satisfying with Zhou’s secret life, as the agency had heard gossip about Zhou’s love affairs with actor Li Yapeng and Taiwanese image designer Li Daqi.

Both Zhou and Rosat rejected the rumor that the contract ending was related with Zhou’s personal affairs. “We thought Zhou had grown up and should choose her own life, so we decided to let it be. When we considered extending the contract, the long-term development of the company came first. Zhou’s personal life has nothing to do with the company,” said Li Xiaowan.

Zhou reaffirmed that the contract ended naturally. “It’s unfair to associate my private life with the contract. I didn’t have any problem in attitude when I worked for the company. Li Daqi supported me a lot, which drove me work even harder in these years,” said Zhou.

Being a favorite actress in Rosat, Zhou expressed her gratitude to the company, saying: “Although we don’t have any business relation now, we are still on good terms. Li Xiaowan and Li Shaohong are like my elder sisters. They cherished me all the way. As long as they need me, I will go all out whether there is a contract or not.”

Talking about whether Zhou will star in Li Shaohong’s productions in the future, the director replied: “I consider whether she is suitable for the role or not when I select an actress, not whether she belongs to my company.”

To date, Zhou has no plan to sign contract with any other firms, while she is busy preparing for Feng Xiaogang’s upcoming “Night Banquet” costarring Zhang Ziyi. Feng said he was deeply impressed by Zhou’s brilliant dancing in Hong Kong director Peter Chan’s“Perhaps Love” , a musical to be screened by the end of the year.

Zhou, together with Xu Jinglei, Zhang Ziyi and Zhao Wei, are collectively called the mainland’s “four film queens,” a title in praise of their many performances and wide box-office appeal. Zhou confessed that she looked forward to the coming cooperation with Zhang Ziyi. “I have watched Zhang’s latest movies. I’m happy to co-star with her,” she said.


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