Thursday, September 22, 2005

"Perhaps Love" launches soundtrack !

BEIJING, September 8, 2005 -- The Chinese movie "Perhaps Love", directed by veteran Hong Kong film maker Peter Ho-Sun Chan, and choreographed by the Vanity Fair choreographer Farah Khan, is scheduled for release at Christmas. But the movie's soundtrack will be available much sooner.

Director Peter Chan, Hong Kong pop star Jacky Cheung, Chinese mainland actress Zhou Xun and South Korean star Ji Jin Hee

The ten-million US dollar movie stars Chinese mainland actress Zhou Xun, Taiwan-based idol Takeshi Kaneshiro, Veteran Hong Kong performer Jacky Cheung and South Korean star Ji Jin-hee. The director escorted the cast as they signed a publishing contract of the movie's original soundtrack with EMI. The event was accompanied by the music video of the movie's theme song "Crossroads", sung by Kaneshiro and Zhou Xun. It's the first time Kaneshiro has sang in ten years.

"Perhaps Love" has already been branded as China's "Chicago" and a copy of Bollywood. But the director has his own opinion. Director of "Perhaps Love" Peter Hosun Chan said, 'Perhaps Love' should actually not be categorized as a musical. I just wanted to push the love affairs to a more extreme point and I found singing and dancing is a necessary way. So I would rather call it a variation of a love story."

The movie tells the story of a young star's experience as she grows up and the two men in love with her. The South Korean actor Ji Jin-hee, starring the role of Monty, also contributes his Chinese singing to the movie's soundtrack.


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