Monday, September 26, 2005

Oranges Have Ripened !

Director: Li Shaohong
Kou ShiXun as Mr. Rong
Gui YaLei as Ms. Rong
Zhou Xun as XiuHe
Huang Lei as YaoHui
Released in:2000
Award: ZhouXun - Favorite Actress at the '2001 Chinese Lunar New Year TV Series Award



This story took place in a southern town during the Qing Dynasty. Mrs. Rong and the farm rentor XiuHe represent traditional female figures who resist the feudal wedding system through their own experiences.

Since Ms. Rong was infertile, she was ignored by her husband who left her in a tangerine farm. In order to bring her husband back, she decided to let XiuHe, a girl who looked like her in her youth, marry into the Rong family. If XiuHe could give birth to a child for the Rong family, then Ms. Rong's dream of having her husband beside her forever would come true.

YaoHui, the cousin of Ms. Rong's husband, acted as the groom at the wedding. However, YaoHui fell in love with XiuHe the moment her head veil was lifted ... Since then, everything advanced following a way which led Ms. Rong to despair. Everyone was suffering dilemmas which made the story reach its climax.

Ms. Rong finally awakened. She was determined to help XiuHe to pursue her own happiness, and not be sacrificed for feudal ethics.

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- A Dreamlike Orange Story!

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