Thursday, September 22, 2005

"Baby" producer backs HK musical

BEIJING, March 8, 2005 -- The Ruddy Morgan Organization, one of the producers of Clint Eastwood’s Academy Award-winning Million Dollar Baby, has come on board Applause Pictures' upcoming US$10 million musical Perhaps Love.

The film, to be helmed by Peter Chan, will be shot on location in Beijing and Shanghai. Perhaps Love is the first full-blown Mandarin-language musical by a Hong Kong director since the heyday of the Shaw Brothers Studio in the 1960s. “In Asia there are a lot of replications if a film is successful, but this is not a good way to secure the market. We should be brave enough to try something new,” RMO’s Andre Morgan said Friday at a Hong Kong press conference for Million Dollar Baby. We want to do films that are interesting and challenging.

Set in the Chinese mainland, Perhaps Love revolves around a love triangle that develops during the making of a musical. The film will star Takeshi Kaneshiro and Zhou Xun. Also on board are leading Hong Kong cinematographers Christopher Doyle and Peter Pau, who won an Oscar for his work on Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.

Location shooting in Beijing was completed recently, and the production will move to Shanghai this month. The film is aimed at a summer release date. Ruddy Morgan is no stranger to the Chinese film scene. Morgan produced Bruce Lee’s Enter the Dragon in the 1970s.

Set up in 2000, Applause Pictures has spent the past four years building a strong reputation as a producer of such pan-Asian films as The Eye and Three. Peter Chan, a principal of Applause, said the next step for the company is to work with Hollywood studios.

“We hope to develop projects that are China-based but aimed at the world,” he said.Morgan and Chan also are developing Waiting, an adaptation of the award-winning book of the same name by Chinese writer Ha Jin.

Source: Shenzhen Daily/Agencies

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